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By Ruben Mendoza

Marvel has just released Solicitations for September so I thought what better time to check out what the house of ideas has in store for us in the month of September and also what the next big event is all about.


The story this time around has Thanos arriving to Earth to attack it in a very vulnerable state as the Avengers are out in space

Starting in August, Marvel will begin it’s next big event called Infinity, which will tie into; Avengers, New Avengers, Thanos Rising, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as some other titles such as Captain Marvel and Nova. The story this time around has Thanos arriving to Earth to attack it in a very vulnerable state as the Avengers are out in space battling a new enemy. It will be up to what’s left of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to take on the Mad Titan and whatever he has coming with him. In the past, some of Marvel event’s have seemed to appear out of mid-air but with Infinity it feels more like a progression instead of just being shoe horned in. If you have been following Avengers and the New Avengers you can see how the threats have slowly progressed into bigger and bigger problems, and it’s only fitting that Thanos be the end result of these threats. I am not usually a big fan of tie-ins as I feel they mess with the flow of a book (Wolverine and the X-Men has not been the same since AVX) but with a new Avengers line titled Mighty Avengers (taking the place of Dark Avengers) that assembles a team to face the threat of Thanos lead by Luke Cage, and two other tie ins called Infinity Heist (which showcases the villains of the Marvel Universe taking advantage of the situation of splintered Avenger groups) and Infinity: The Hunt ( featuring a contest of champions with the younger Marvel heroes) the tie ins sound as interesting if not more so than the mainline title itself!


This will be a great month for the Spider-Man family of books.

September will be a very Superior month as we will be getting three different Superior books that tie-in or are related to Superior Spider-Man. By September we will be on #3 of both The Superior Foes of Spider-Man (a team of Spider-Man baddies causing trouble around the Marvel U) and Superior Carnage (it’s Carnage, no explanation needed!) While both books sound great it’s Superior Spider-Man that you should be keeping your eye on. Two Spider-Men in one book?! This can’t end well for anyone! And rounding out our Spider-Man and Friends September is Venom (who will be receiving a female symbiote side kick) and Scarlet Spider who is about to do battle with a Hunter?! This will be a great month for the Spider-Man family of books.


Happy 50th Anniversary X-Men!

Though it will probably be Infinity getting most of the headlines in the coming weeks, it’s the X-Men: Battle of the Atom that has me most interested. The X-Men from the past, present and future’s paths will all collide as a new mutant appears and the Original X-Men take a turn for the worst, so bad that X-Men from the future have to come back and fix the time streams! Battle of the Atom will be a ten part event that will cross through various X-books in the Marvel Universe. The X-Men have such a rich character history and practically all the X-books being as brilliant as they are, I can’t see this one being anything but fantastic. Happy 50th Anniversary X-Men!

These are just some of the books we have to look forward to, and most of these are the ones I have been following. If you guys have any books that I missed and want to talk me into buying them, comment below or send me a tweet.


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Posted on June 26th, 2013
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