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By Luke Abbott

Harley Quinn #10 Ouch
Harley Quinn finally goes to Skate Club, where she is allowed to unleash her full Harley carnage on her opponents, without any repercussions. I had dedicated this entire paragraph to explaining the plot, but… that is about it. Um… next paragraph!

There Are No Rules is a pretty weak addition of Harley Quinn. I just don’t like the skating stories I think. They are predictable and don’t hit the mark quite as well as you want them to. I still stand by my point of the jokes being the same, but slightly bigger each time. Yes, the Skate Club format means that the bloody kill for a punchline is more gruesome than before, but it’s still the same format of joke. Harley takes a sport and turns it violent. We have laughed at this before. The banter between the team mates instantly isn’t as funny as it could be too. My biggest problem with this issue is that it feels separate from the rest of the characters, who are much more amusing to spend time with. The skater girls don’t really have their own personalities and just become a tool for the writers to fire jokes off of. If they never showed up again from this issue onwards, I doubt anyone would actually notice or care too much.

Harley Quinn #10 Stars
However, there is one sequence which is phenomenally funny. Harley gets knocked out and her mind travels to a galaxy far, far away, where we are treated to an extended sequence of an extra-terrestrial space fight. It is so random and out of the blue, (a new art style is used to highlight this), that you find it terrifically funny. The writers manage to tie it into the overall storyline by the end of the comic, but part of you didn’t want them to. I just wanted this four pages of alien nonsense to be a stand-alone gag that served no other purpose than to be wacky and zany. That is the Harley Quinn comedy I like.

I think this kind of issue comes with the territory of this kind of comic. Harley Quinn is a series where you are meant to sit back and just laugh. It doesn’t have the larger story arc or mystery that I get with Batman Eternal, but I accept that. It just means that every now and again, one of the issues doesn’t quite work. That’s OK, because I know that the next issue will probably hit the mark perfectly.

Harley Quinn #10 Quote
Quote of the Issue:

Isabella: (talking about Jaws) That film was propaganda against sharks. They are very misunderstood creatures.

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Posted on September 1st, 2014
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