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By Ruben Mendoza

Hey, so I know I’m a month behind, but who wants some old reviews to comics you’ve probably forgotten already! Plus, we have a new Batman and Scarlet Witch (or Wanda) is an Olsen. Big week folks, buckle up.


Flash Annual #2
I jumped off the Flash around the time Gorilla Grodd showed up, it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy the comic (I really liked it, the art is amazing) but it was more of a financial thing. I was interested in jumping back in with the Reverse Flash arc but decided to go with the annual instead. Wasn’t exactly the best choice, for one the art is very dull. The Flash I was reading had vibrant colors and a distinct style, this felt a little more like a backup comic. The story itself followed the Green Lantern and Flash first meeting each other, and while that part of the story is pretty cool it just falls downhill from there. The backup stories were a lot better and made this an ok Annual.

Rating 3 out of 5


Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 Drax
GOTG has been one of my consistent favorites month after month. It find’s a way to blend action, humor and sci-fi elements to make this book easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy. This was an Age of Ultron fallout (that I already forgot about) with a special appearance by Angela. I wasn’t a big fan of this just because of how Gamora was portrayed. I understand Angela is this big threat, just wasn’t thrilled with how Gamora was handled in the aftermath. Nevertheless, this book still has a lot going for it. A very funny conversation with Rocket Raccoon and Iron Man and a crazy chase involving Peter Quill reminded me quickly why GOTG is always near the top of my buy pile.

Rating 4 out of 5


Batman Annual 2
I struck out with one annual, so I was relieved when Batman delivered on his. This doesn’t really contain much about Zero Year, but feels like it may be towards the early stages of Batman’s career as it’s his first visit to Arkham.  Batman is brought to Arkham to test security measures in the building. We get some great detective work from Bruce and a great secondary arc with a new staff member inside the prison. The story really revolves around one villain named Anchoress who can phase through walls and her feud with Batman. We get a great glimpse inside the mind of Bruce Wayne as his worst fears are brought to life, which may be reason to buy the comic alone and this is done with fantastic panels. I still find it quite jarring when Capullo is not drawing Batman.

Rating 4 out of 5


New Avengers 8 cover
It’s an Inhumans issue with very little of the New Avengers, which is a very good thing. Hickman knows how to write these characters and feels like he is picking up where he left off. I am interested to see what Fraction does, but my gut tells me Hickman should be writing Inhumans. Deodato! Absolutely love his artwork, and he brings in this issue.

Rating 5 out of 5


Superior Spiderman #14 Goblin King
It’s Superior month, so here’s 2 (3 if you count Carnage) Superior reviews. Issue #13 takes place with Spider-Man still searching for the Spider-Slayer inside of the Raft with JJJ close on the trail himself. The stakes are high, as The Shocker, Vulture and Scorpion( each with upgrades in tech courtesy of the Spider Slayer) are all running around trying to kill SpOCK and a group of hostages still inside.  Things move fast so it’s hard to appreciate everything that is happening, this could have been its own mini event (so much story left on the table). Art is great and fun to look at and the conclusion has a neat little nod to ASM #700.  All in all, a great issue.

Rating 4 out of 5

Next, we move onto Issue #14 with the Superior Spider-Man taking down Shadowland! Like, literally destroying the entire thing brick by brick; it’s amazing that Dan Slott continues to find ways to bring the reader back each month. Spider-Man now has his own army and the blessing of JJJ to do whatever he pleases when in regards to criminals. The ending is a bit of a bait and switch, and kind of ruins the whole suspense part of seeing whether or not a character would make it to the end. Still fun and we are still getting a small dose of the Green Goblin…which is awesome.

Rating 4 out of 5


Superior Carnage
Kudos to Kevin Schnick and Stephen Segovia for giving us an entirely different (although done before with another symbiote) approach as the Frightful Four as the Wizard tries to control the uncontrollable Carnage. I really enjoyed what I read here, the book does a good job to build Carnage and Cletus Kasady as the threats they are.

Rating 4 out of 5


So, the internet broke yesterday when a new Batman was announced (that guy from Phantoms) and it’s Ben Affleck. I was more confused about the choice than I was mad. I do not question Affleck’s acting ability but I think he is a bigger success at directing rather than acting. Who knows, maybe he will be good. It’s far too early to judge this now, so for now let’s put a fork in it. We also had a casting rumor that Elizabeth Olsen is in talks to play Wanda Maximoff in the Avengers sequel.  Haven’t seen a whole lot from Olsen but she definitely has the look and is starting to get mainstream. I just wish I could call her Scarlet Witch. Bradley Cooper may end of being the voice of Rocket Raccoon, which is odd. Or is it, I don’t even know anymore as both DC and MARVEL appear to know what their doing. I do know one thing; I will be there for all three movies in theaters.


Forgive me, I am going to promote on my blog. I’m sorry guys. For anyone that has followed me on twitter (when I’m not constantly tweeting Autumn Reeser, Azita Ghanizada and Naomi Kyle) I have talked about a web series that I was making. I’ve done a few videos under the rubenm33 name on youtube and a series called the Adventures of Ricky Django! (2 years before the movie). I am in no way a professional and I operate on less than a shoestring budget but I do very much love the entire filming process. Over the past year and half, I’ve been writing and writing and writing and writing and writing and writing and writing and writing and writing a web series that I would one day film. Well, I am not getting any younger and don’t plan on spending another six months rewriting. So, in October I will debut the Sleep Walkers which will hopefully have some sort of budget. Sleep Walkers follows Rey Sueno Jr (Dream King in English) as he investigates crime in the Dream World. The series will hopefully blend action/comedy and drama into one entertaining peace. Think Twin Peaks and Avengers minus the colorful costumes…maybe. I would really appreciate it if you guys helped by spreading the word. Please and thank you, see you next month.


Ruben “Bandito” Mendoza

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Posted on September 4th, 2013
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